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You can download a small clip of  Labour & Love by clicking the note. Please bear in mind the quality is not brilliant due to the age of the recording.
In 1905 the band won the Belle Vue Competition and Championship of Great Britain and Colonies at Crystal Palace, when the band came home from Belle Vue the town celebrated with them but these celebrations were nothing compared to what was ahead when the band returned home from Crystal Palace. Arriving in Accrington at about 9'oclock on the Monday night the band was met by decorated wagons full of supporters, and all along the route from Accrington to Bacup large groups of people turned out to congratulate and celebrate with them. When the band reached the borough boundary at the Thrutch the Mayor Alderman J.H Maden J.P and members of the Corporation  were there to greet them and give them a civic welcome and accompany them on the rest of their journey into Bacup and to the home of Mr James Shepherd the bands President at  his home, Holmes Villas. Despite it being nearly midnight when the band arrived back in Bacup dense crowds lined the decorated streets.Walter Nuttall,  took over sole charge of the band in late 1909 following Mr Rimmers retirement and led the band on to further successes winning the Championship Cup , two Gold Medals and £20 prize money on Easter Saturday in Barnoldswick.In 1912  the band once again engaged professional tuition in the form of Mr W Halliwell  and again as in 1911 came in as  runners up at Crystal Palace. However 1913 saw the band win Gold Medals for the first time ever in the history of the competition when Springs won  the Crystal Palace Championship first prize for the Third time. The news was relayed Back to Bacup via telegram and when the band returned home on the Monday evening they found the pavements of Newchurch Road and Market Street lined with people waiting to celebrate and congratulate them on their spectacular win. The crowd gathered on Bulls Bridge was said to be one of the biggest ever seen. The Royal Court Theatre November 1913 was the venue for the public presentation of the Crystal Palace Trophy.   
Springs band members at Crystal palace, Springs Band at Brightin in 1909.
Today in 2011 if you were to ask someone in Bacup what Labour and Love was no doubt they would refer to childbirth and marriage. Had you asked a Bacupian the same question back in 1913 they most probably would have said it was the musical test piece that won  Irwell Springs Band the National Championships at the Crystal Palace in 1913.Following on from the bands success  March 25th 1914 saw them play a Royal Command Performance at the home of Lord Derby at Knowsley Hall. Both Mr Halliwell and Mr Walter Nuttall were presented to His Majesty and received high congratulations on their well deserved honour. When the band went out of existence in August 1960,  Walter Nuttall was the oldest surviving member having led the band for 21 years becoming Mayor of Bacup and a Freeman of the Borough In January 1945. There is no doubt that being a member of Irwell Springs was indeed a Labour of Love. Not only for the band member but for their families and employers also. Bandsmen did receive some payments for their services. For instance in 1916 the band played engagements in Bacup, Rochdale, Haslingden, Rawtenstall, Todmorden, Burnley, Heaton park, Nelson, Waterfoot, Blackpool, Stockport and Belle Vue. The Heaton Park engagement costing a total of £19.6s in wages paid to the bandsmen. A trip to Crystal Palace in September of 1920 cost a total of £23.00 in wages to bandsmen. Other engagements played in 1920 where, Nelson, Bingley, Heaton Park, Trentham, Littleborough, Stalybridge, Runcorn, Rochdale, Burnley, Todmorden and the Free Trade Hall.March 24th 1927 was the date Irwell Springs Played their Third Royal Command Performance at Knowsley Hall home of Lord Derby. For which each bandsman playing received a sum of 12s 6d. 1927 seemed to be a very busy year for the band who played engagements throughout the year Starting March with the Royal command performance at Knowsley on the 6th April they played at Broughton followed on the 7th and 11th May by engagements at Wigan and Trentham. 7 days later they played at Manchester and on the 22 May Huddersfield, finishing in May with a concert at Haslingden.
June saw them playing at the following locations, Edenfield, Bradford, Colne, Leicester, Warrington, Widnes and Southport. Throughout July they travelled back to Stalybridge, Warrington, Blackburn, Barnsley and Blackpool.1 August saw the band embark on their Tour Of The South Coast beginning with a show in Ryde, the BBC in London, Higglecoate, Bournemouth, Margate and Eastbourne
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