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By using the links at the top of the page you can take a historical journey  through Bacup and Stacksteads past history. Find out what the home life of  some of the residents of Bacup and Stacksteads was like. The mills they  worked in the shops they shopped in and how they spent thier precious leisure  hours. 
Where did we get the name Bacup from? One tale says " there had been a famine and when someone brought flour into the town the folk called out "Now chaps Bake-up, Bake-up". ( Old Tim George)
By the 1850's Bacup had  become of the black spots  of industry the dark  satanic mills casting their  shadow over the town.  Around the many mills  houses grew like weeds,  built in a hurry on any land  available no need to worry  about sanitation or the  view as one of the mill  masters said " Houses  were not made  for  living in: the mill was  where they lived.  Houses were only for  sleeping in" .  
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